Alan Mann

AMUrban Warfare Trainer

Alan Mann (Krav Maga South Africa)
Alan Mann is the product of a long and varied military / civilian career and is a retired South African Special Forces Operator. In addition to the valuable practical skills and experience he gained over the course of many years, has also had exposure to a great number of hand-to-hand combat styles in many different countries.

Whilst on a parachuting trip to the Czech Republic in 2005 as a part of the Special Forces League, he was introduced to a group that trains the Czech Special Forces & Police Special Task Force in self-defence (MUSADO) in Praha.

Anthony Segal

ASUrban Warfare Trainer

Krav Maga instructor, Anthony Segal (IKI Black Belt 1st Dan), is a long-time protégé of Jeff Miller, and has been exposed to Krav Maga training at an advanced level. Anthony takes a simple, yet powerful approach to the Krav Maga he teaches, and works at continually expanding his skill set.He has one overriding criteria for everything he teaches: practicality.
“Can anything work in a crisis?” he says. “Of course. But the role of a good Krav Maga instructor is to identify – and teach - those underlying  principles of Krav Maga which offer a better chance of safety and victory in any situation.”

Johan Harmse

Urban Warfare Trainer

Urban Warfare Tactical Operations trainer and awe-inspiring Johan has an extensive background in Tactical Proficiency. Ranging from Tactical Policing Level 2,  Range Officer, Weapons Trainer, Firearms Supervision, Outcome Based Assessments in various firearms and is a PSiRA registered member Grade A to E.
He has trained Zambian Police Officers in crowd control, anti-counterfeit, close protection and infantry tactics. He spent time in Iraq under REED Incorporated as a Weapons Handler, Beowulf USA as a Programme Manager and Trainer and with DynCorp as Personal Detail. He worked in the Congo and Angola as a Member of De-mining Enterprises International in mine sweeping.

Annie Kluson

AKUrban Warfare Trainer and Co-ordinator

Annie Kluson, the creator of Urban Warfare, is a passionate Krav Maga addict and a vital member of the IKI SA Head Office team. She’s also responsible for teaching trainees the  “business end” of close combat – firearm skills.
“The whole point of Krav Maga is to empower people,” says Annie. “It’s our job to give them the skills and confidence to live on their terms – to positively change their perception, to attract the very best in life, and to help them understand that we’re all capable of so much more than we think we are.”

Russell Kirk

Urban Warfare Trainer

Impressively skilled as an Advanced Tactical Firearms Instructor, Russell knows his stuff.
He spent 22 years in the private security industry perfecting his trade, before he obtained his Advanced level Tactical Instructor qualification at the International Firearm Training Academy in 2007. He currently holds the designation of Professional Firearm Instructor from the Professional Firearms Trainers Council (PFTC), is a National Verifier, Moderator and Training Councillor (Train-the-Trainer) within the South African firearm training industry.

Ryan Davies

RDUrban Warfare Trainer

A.C.T Instructor

Ryan Davies is a life time martial artist who turned his efforts to studying, teaching and specialising in Israeli martial arts in 2009. Ryan is the director of A.C.T Africa. Working closely under his teachers, Noah and Alexander, their mission is to spread the blade and impact weapons throughout Africa. 

Armed Combat & Tactics A.C.T. is a full contact weapon fighting and self defense Israeli system , developed by Alexander Zhelezniak and Noah Gross.